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Hello friends!

Whether you are a student or a professional, your resume should symbolize your whole professional life, temperament, and expertise. Let’s see how can help with that. takes care of the arduous work of creating a CV with a— “Quick, simple, and powerful A.I integrated solution!”

So, How To Get Started?

Shall I start from scratch or…

You can import your existing LinkedIn Profile in the blink of an eye. In fact, our parser is compatible with the LinkedIn format.

No worries, our app will not ‘soak up’ any data from your LinkedIn — so no need to panic. You can import it into our app only if you want to! For that, log in to your profile, click on the “Tools (on top-right of the screen)” button, and import your LinkedIn Profile. It’s easy and simple!

Nonetheless, it’s also possible to start your résumé from scratch. Just start filling up your profile using your creativity and our awesome features.

If you start from scratch, our online guide will be with you on the right part of the screen:

Click on the “?” to open the guide contextualized with the section.

Live Preview

When the score reaches 60, the guide will be replaced by the preview. You can re-open the guide by clicking on any of the “?” buttons

Each change that you make to your info will be reflected in a few seconds in the PDF.

Tip: the system will wait for you to finish typing before saving and generate the PDF, so we save energies :)

Check your score

Don’t forget to check on the number next to preview, this is essentially how automatically scored your résumé. If you click on it, your score will be explained and some tips to improve will be provided:

Try different looks

At any moment, you can see how your résumé looks like, simply click on Preview

Get your Document

Clicking on the Share button you can download your CV in .pdf or activate your public link that will allow you to share your CV via a public link or simply scanning the QR code.

It’s free! However, don’t forget to buy us a coffee if you like it!

Enjoy! is the first resume builder designed for tech professionals. Create a modern resume in a few minutes, thanks to its intuitive interface, inspirations, and guidelines. All of this is for free.